Music Academy established to spearhead the Vibes Music Award


The Vibes Group of Companies has established a Music Academy to organize and implement the Vibes Music Awards.

The Vibes Music Awards, launched on 25 February 2017 during the Dominica Calypso Association’s finals at the Eddie Andre Festival City in Pottersville, will seek to recognize and honor persons involved in the music industry at various levels.

The idea to honor writers, composers, artistes, producers, engineers, bands and others arose from eight times calypso monarch Denison ‘Dice’ Joseph’s song entitled Flowers.

At the calypso finals, Dice awarded bouquets of flowers to persons in society whom he felt had not been recognized for their contribution to nation building.

“If a calypsonian can walk on stage and do such a presentation, why aren’t we doing it, we used to have awards by Denis Joseph years ago, we have a golden drum awards which is not golden. Dice is actually speaking to us, you know publicly, that we have people who need recognition,” Val Cuffy said during the broadcast of the competition.

Cuffy and Jerry Lloyd have been engaged as directors of the Vibes Music Academy and as consultant to the Vibes Music Awards.

Cuffy explained that there are people involved in the music industry who need to be recognized and it “can auger well if we start recognizing them publicly”.

He believes that the music awards will be an excellent way to show persons involved in the music industry that their efforts are not going un-noticed.

“The VMA’s is going to be something that is going to take the music industry where it has not been before,” Cuffy said and added that it will “give the people their flowers while they still with us”.

Cuffy, who is also a consultant to the Dominica Festivals Committee, informed that the organization is committed to facilitating, “as much as possible” the improvement of Dominica’s music.

For Jerry Lloyd, the Vibes Music Awards will help to “put things in perspective” and recognize people “who actually contribute, who actually produce and broaden the base if you please, of the nature of people that we recognize in music in Dominica”.

Lloyd believes that the Vibes Music Awards is an opportunity to further develop the art form so that it will not just be for any one season, whether carnival or independence.

“We have to understand that the Zouk that the French play now was Dominican born, cadence born and when they took it they never released it, and if our influence can be so strong on every other nation, we have to make sure that within the nation it remains and persists and continues,” he explained.

Chief Executive Officer of the Vibes Group of Companies, Lennox Lawrence, who launched the concept, informed that King Dice will be among the first persons recognized and awarded at the Vibes Music Awards.