Sernel Florent releases new single ‘Giving Praise’

Local gospel artist Sernel Florent has released his new single ‘Giving Praise’ on the heels of his previous single ‘Attention’ which gained international airtime.

The song written by Sernel and his wife Sherese Florent and produced by Krishna ‘Dada’ Lawrence, is one of forgiveness and love he told Dominica Vibes in an interview on Friday June 16 2017.

Sernel Second Single

“What the song is saying is no matter what good you try to do in life, people will try their best to bring you down, people will try their best to block you but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what people do to you, you still have to forgive them and you still have to love them,” he explained.

He said ‘Giving Praise’, a groovy soca, is a “really good song” and he is excited as he believes this song will open doors for him.

“I hope that it inspires people in spite of what people do to you, you still love them and no matter what people say about you, you know to bring you down; it’s not what people say about you, it’s how God looks at you, it’s what the Lord says about you is what matters,” Sernel added.

Asked his view on what some has to say about gospel music being sang to what is considered secular genres he said “music is music”.

“There is no heavenly genre at the end of the matter is the message of the song, the Bible says “Death and life lies in the power of the tongue” so what that comes from your mouth that will bring death or life,” he said adding, “Music was created from heaven so be it you give God praise on soca or reggae, dancehall, music is music it’s the message at the end of the day.”

He said a video for the song will soon be shot.

“Right now the music is global I’m just going to continue working hard to bring it all about, to tour the world…that’s what I’m working towards, to be a blessing to people through my music.”

Sernel is hoping to release another single soon featuring Rizon from Trinidad and Tobago.